A Mage Scholar is a member of the Mages Guild found in the Arcane University of the Imperial City. They serve no integral purpose to the storyline, and their foremost job is lecturing the apprentices.

Equipment and Battle BehaviorEdit

All Mage Scholars wear a standard mage's robe and a pair of russet felt shoes. In combat they rely on an Iron Dagger and a second, enchanted, leveled dagger. In addition, all Mage Scholars will be able to cast three Destruction spells (two weak, one powerful), three weak Conjuration spells (two Bound Armor and one Summon), one powerful Restoration spell and one powerful Illusion spell.


All Mage Scholars have very similar schedules: they spend most of their day wandering around the University Campus, at times conversing with one another about recent discoveries. At 10am and 4pm, every Mage Scholar has a random chance of lecturing the apprentices for two hours about doomstones and runestones at the podium outside the Praxographical Center. While they will all sleep in the basement of the Mages' Quarters, half of them will go to bed at midnight and sleep until 6am, while the other three from 6pm until midnight.


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  •  PC   Unlike the apprentices, who can be ordered to follow the Arch-Mage, the scholars will treat the Arch-Mage exactly as they did when they were an apprentice.