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Mages Guild Monopoly is a House Telvanni quest, given to the Nerevarine if they joined the House.



Once the Nerevarine has successfully defended Milyn Faram at Odirniran, they must return to Master Aryon in Tel Vos to receive their next quest. He will request that the Nerevarine head to Ald'ruhn and speak with the House Redoran councilors that reside there to end the Monopoly that the Mages Guild has built on the selling of spells. He recommends speaking with Athyn Sarethi to find out who can be persuaded to the Telvanni way of thinking on this matter.

Redoran SupportEdit

Sarethi can be found in his Manor in the Under-Skar. He will agree to support House Telvanni's demand (once his disposition is raised above 50) and will inform the Nerevarine that virtually all of the Redoran Councilors will support House Telvanni, except Bolvyn Venim. The Nerevarine may then proceed to speak with each of the Councilors in turn to garner their support (which requires that their disposition be raised above 40).

Once all of the councilors that were likely to support Telvanni have agreed to do so, the Nerevarine may return to Aryon to inform him. Aryon will reward the Nerevarine with his glove, Dominator and give the Nerevarine their next quest.


Mages Guild Monopoly
IDJournal Entry
10Master Aryon asked me to speak with the Councilmen of House Redoran. I must get at least three of them to agree to revoke the Mages Guild monopoly.
  • Quest accepted
30Athyn Sarethi gave his support to revoke the monopoly of the Mages Guild. He suggested that an appeal to fairness might work with the other councilors, but did not believe that Bolvyn Venim could be persuaded.
31Mistress Morvayn gave her support to revoke the monopoly of the Mages Guild.
32Miner Arobar gave his support to revoke the monopoly of the Mages Guild.
33Garisa Llethri gave his support to revoke the monopoly of the Mages Guild.
34Hlaren Ramoran gave his support to revoke the monopoly of the Mages Guild.
100Master Aryon thanked me for helping to revoke the monopoly of the Mages Guild.
  • Quest Complete
 200 Master Aryon told me that too many Redoran Councilors are dead. House Telvanni will not be able to get enough votes to overturn the Mages Guild monopoly.
  • Quest Complete


  • The votes are only counted when Aryon gives the quest specific greeting.
    • If the Nerevarine has a bounty or any other issue that will cause a different greeting message to appear, they must solve that before speaking the Aryon.

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