Not to be confused with Magical Anomaly.

Magic Anomalies are creatures found during events resulting from the quests "Eye of Magnus," "Containment," and the "Aftershock." They are fast, agile creatures that are highly-resistant to magic and difficult to hit.

Once slain, anomalies explode into a large ball of raw magic, dealing no damage to surrounding creatures. Their final bodies appear as fine blue dust on the ground or in the air where they were last floating.




  • They make the same noises as an ice wraith when attacked.
  • They can give the Dragonborn an ice bite, which says "Ice Wraith Bite" as a description.
  • When their health is low, they may turn and try to stay out of melee-combat range.


  • If the player manages to become level 37,449, the Magic Anomaly's level overflows and becomes level 1.
  • The Magic Anomaly is one of the few entities with no level cap, the others being J'zargo, Durak, Frea, Celann, Ingjard, and the Spectral Assassin.