Not to be confused with Magic Anomaly.

Magical Anomalies are locations found in Craglorn. They can be found in the eastern and central sections of Craglorn and players can find 5 in total. They contain a red focus crystal and several monsters, which players must defeat to complete the event. Like everything in Craglorn, Magical Anomalies are advised to be took on by groups of 4 though more or less players can participate.


Magical Anomalies have cooldown timers between each event. To begin the event, players and their group must activate the Focus Crystal found in the middle of the location. Once it is activated, several monsters, including Spellfiends and Storm Atronachs, begin to spawn.

To stop these monsters from spawning, the Focus Crystal must be destroyed. Once it is destroyed, the monsters stop spawning and an Air Atronach boss spawns. Players must defeat the Air Atronach to complete the event. Once the event is completed, those who participate in the event receive a chest of loot.

Notable itemsEdit

  • If a Magical Anomaly is successfully completed, all players who participated in completing the anomaly receive a chest of loot appropriate for their level.