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Mistress Therana is a Dunmer magister of House Telvanni. She can be found on Tel Branora on Vvardenfell. She is assisted by Sun-in-Shadow.


A Hireling of House TelvanniEdit

Assist Therana in promoting her Argonian, Sun-in-Shadow, to a hireling of House Telvanni. The Vestige must retrieve the finger bone of St. Felms from Zaintiraris so that Therana may use it in her experiments.


  • "Indeed. Then you must have something for me, for I know the young woman. An ambitious little lizard, if my memory serves. She will know that to get something, you must provide something."
  • "Then she has it, if you will give me the relic. If I had to wait for the council to take action, those fool Redoran would have gotten to it first. You can deliver my write to my Mouth, Eraven. Clever-Scales has earned her freedom."
  • "Well now. That was well done. Clever of her, to figure it out. And to get someone to do the work for her. Very well, what does she want of me in exchange for the saint's relic? No, no, let me guess. She wants her freedom. To rise in the House."
  • "Oh very well, ask away. I live in a relatively inaccessible tower because I adore being pestered."
  • "I am a Telvanni Magister. Not some errand girl. And, well, technically, Zaintiraras is in Redoran territory - according to them. One must walk carefully around the other great Houses."
  • "I have only recently been elevated to Magister, it is true. It should have happened sooner, but that aged hag, Drotha, in Tel Mora kept finding reasons to delay it. Hopefully she'll die soon."
  • "Privacy, peace and quiet. My studies preoccupy my time and attention. Also, Tel Branora became… conveniently vacant just before I was given the rank of Magister."
  • "Oh, let me just tell some stranger all my ideas and secrets! I suspect what you do not know about wizardry and the inner workings of magicka would fill volumes. My experiments are unique. And none of your business."