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Maglir is a Bosmer knight and member of the Fighters Guild. He can initially be found in the taproom at the West Weald Inn in Skingrad.


Maglir has a bad habit of defaulting on contracts, because he believes he isn't paid enough to put his life on the line and he worries about his family. He defaults two contracts during the Hero's time in the Fighter's Guild before finally defecting permanently to work with the Blackwood Company.


Unfinished BusinessEdit

Vilena Donton sends the Hero to Modryn Oreyn in Chorrol, who then tells them that a rather undependable Guildmate named Maglir has defaulted on a contract to recover a journal from a mine infested with undead. They are to locate Maglir and find out why he hasn't returned to Chorrol.

After finding the Journal, The Hero will have to decide to either inform Modryn of Maglir defaulting, or to cover for him and tell Modryn that Maglir did complete the contract.

Den of ThievesEdit

In Anvil, Azzan will send both the Hero and Maglir to deal with a group of bandits working out of Hrota Cave. While working together, Maglir will offer small bits of advice, but will be focused of the reward for the contract.

More Unfinished BusinessEdit

After dealing with The Master's Son, Modryn will inform the Hero that Maglir has defaulted on another contract, and send them to Bravil to find out why and make sure the contract is dealt with. Maglir can be found in The Lonely Suitor Lodge. He will explain that he had left the Fighters guild and joined up with Blackwood Company.

If the Hero covered for him the last time Maglir defaulted on a contract, he will repay the favor by telling them about Aryarie, the Woman who hired the guild. Otherwise, Maglir will be upset, and refuse to help out, calling the Hero a rat.

The HistEdit

Just before the Hero leaves the Blackwood Company Hall, they will encounter Maglir. He will be upset when he finds the Hall ruined and most of its leadership dead. He will attack the hero, and will give them no choice but to defend themselves.


  • It is curious that Maglir says that he needs the money for his family, as when the Hero completes "Den of Thieves" with him, he says: "It's tavern time!"


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