The Magna Ge, also known as Magne-Ge, Children of Magnus, or Star Orphans, are a group of Et'Ada who followed Magnus into Aetherius when he fled Mundus during the Dawn Era.[OOG 1] Whereas Magnus tore a hole through Oblivion into Aetherius which later became the sun, the Magne Ge tore smaller holes which became the stars.[OOG 2] The Magna Ge are now synonymous with the stars which they had created.[1] Some say what is left of Magnus on the world is felt and controlled by mortals as magic.[2]

According to Mankar Camoran they are attributed to secretly creating Mehrunes Dagon in the bowels of Lyg.[3]

Known Magna GeEdit

  • Magnus – The leader of the Magna Ge, Magnus is the God of Magic and is worshiped by certain elvish pantheons. Magnus can be seen during the day as the biggest star in the sky, the Sun, which was the first hole torn in Mundus.
  • Mnemoli – Also known as Mnemo-Li or "The Blue Star", is attributed to being the most well known Magna Ge. She is associated with "un-time" events that would be considered to mirror the Aka. During Dragon Breaks, it is said that she can be seen in the sky even during the daytime.[4]
  • Merid-Nunda – Presently known as Meridia, Merid-Nunda was once a Magna-Ge. After consorting with Daedra, she was cast down from her place and became a Daedric Prince.[4][OOG 3]
  • Una – The possibly original form of Baar Dau, Una was a Magna Ge who was lost in the Void during the flight of the Star Orphans, and renamed herself after she could not find her king.
  • Xero-Lyg – Another identified Magna Ge, nothing is known about them besides their name.[4]

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Notice: The following are out-of-game references. They are not found in any in-game books, but can still be considered part of The Elder Scrolls lore and are included for completeness.
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