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Magnus Septim (3E 79 - 3E 145) was the eleventh ruler of the Empire of Tamriel. He was the youngest son of Emperor Pelagius Septim II and Empress Quintilla. That made him half-brother of Antiochus Septim, brother to infamous Potema Septim and Cephorus Septim.



Magnus ascended to the throne when his brother, Cephorus I, died in 3E 140. When he ascended to Emperor, he was already 61 years old. The many arrests and trials of those who were treacherous during the War of the Red Diamond drained his health. He was only two years younger than his brother [1]

Prior to his becoming Emperor, he lived in Almalexia, where he had been a Councillor to the Royal court, being too young to hold a more formal office.[1]

Personal lifeEdit

Magnus married an Altmeri woman named Utheilla from the renowned Direnni Clan. With her he bore two children, a girl named Jolethe and a son named Pelagius.


Magnus Septim died after only five years on the throne in 3E 145 at the age of 66. It is rumored that his son, Pelagius "the Mad", killed him and seceded the throne. Scholars, however, agree that it is highly unlikely due to Pelagius's strange persona and, following the death of Potema Septim, he was busy ruling Solitude and thus rarely visited the Imperial City.[2]


Emperor of Tamriel
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