"Great heroes often carry the greatest regrets."
―Makela Leki[src]

Makela Leki is an ancient Redguard hero who is now a ghost. She is found at HoonDing's Watch in the Alik'r Desert, and later at the Hall of Heroes.

At age 11, Makela Leki began training as a sword-singer in the Hall of the Virtues of War. She died fighting against an invasion led by King Joile of Daggerfall.[1]


Trials of the HeroEdit

The Vestige talks to the ghosts of four heroes: Derik Hallin, Divad Hunding, Frandar Hunding, and Makela.

Trials and TribulationsEdit

The Vestige is tasked with finding burial chamber of Makel so that they can earn her blessing.