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For other uses, see Malacath.

Malacath, also met as the Aspect of Malacath, is a Daedric Prince in The Elder Scrolls Online. He is worshipped by most Orsimer, though King Kurog of the new Orsinium has been spreading the worship of Trinimac, Malacath's predecessor, in his city.


Foul Deeds in the DeepEdit

Lashgikh will summon Malacath.

Flames of Forge and FallenEdit

The Aspect of Malacath will command you to light the braziers of the blessed and cursed clans of Old Orsinium, as the Malacath Faithful have had issues completing their task. Once this is done, he tells you to light the final pyre, but many of his hostile cultists are found on the way there. Once the pyre is lit, he will give you the Blade of the Bloody Tusk and his Wrathful Flame.


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