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Malacath is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Malacath's follower tells the Hero they must offer Troll Fat in order for Malacath to speak to them. Level 10 is also required for this quest.


Upon receiving the troll fat, Malacath begins to speak. For a time he talks about an indignity done to him: a nearby noble has captured several of Malacath's 'servants', ogres, and put them to work as slaves. Malacath finds this distasteful, as only he is allowed to have ogres as slaves, and tasks the Hero to free them.

Lord Drad's EstateEdit

Head south east to Lord Drad's Estate. Speak to Lord Drad and he'll tell them how he earned his riches: enslaving ogres and putting them to work in the mine underneath his property. As Lord Drad is unwilling to part with his lucrative servants, the Hero will have to free them themselves.

If they upset him, talk to his wife and she'll show where the mine is located. One can enter the house at night and steal the key to the mine. The key is sitting on a small table to the left of the front door.

Bleak MineEdit

Malacath (Quest) Ogres Fighting

The guards fighting the ogres

The journal will update with the location of the Bleak Mine, which is a short distance east of the house unless the key is stolen, then no location will be marked. Just walk east a short way. Enter the mine and one will encounter several mine guards and their captain.

Either get a key from the guards by killing them or pickpocketing or pick the lock to the cages which hold the ogres. If the guards are ignored, they will not attack so the Hero can proceed to the cages where the ogres are held. When they free the ogres, the guards will start to attack them. Then it is six or more armed guards versus fewer ogres.

If too many ogres die, the quest fails. However, if the Hero kill the guards before beginning to free the ogres, they will not count as murders, nor raise one's bounty. Guard kills do count towards the Dark Brotherhood admittion, however. Also, they will not go hostile to the Hero unless they see them fighting another guard, so it is easier to just kill the guards one by one before opening the two cells and freeing the six ogres.

Malacath's ShrineEdit

Malacath (Quest) Working

Lord and Lady Drad working their fields

After freeing the ogres, head back to Malacath's Shrine for the reward: the Daedric artifact Volendrung.

Afterwards, the Hero can visit Lord Drad and his wife working in the fields night and day and they are being watched over by the freed ogres. When speaking to Lady Drad she will say that she has never seen her husband working so hard in her life.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After speaking to one of Malacath's followers:

One of Malacath's worshippers has told me that, in order to have the Daedra summoned, I must leave an offering of Troll Fat at the statue. [You must be level 10 to begin this quest.]

  • Update: After offering to Malacath:

When I left the offering, Malacath was summoned and spoke to me. He tasked me with traveling to the estate of Lord Drad and freeing his ogre slaves.

  • Update: After speaking with Lord Drad and being nice:

I have spoken with Lord Drad. He believes the ogres to be suitable slaves, as they are mindless beasts, and is pleased with the ogres he uses in Bleak Mine. I [sic] appears I will have to free the ogres myself, if I am to complete Malacath's task for me.

  • Update: After speaking with Lord Drad and angering him:

I have spoken with Lord Drad. He believes the ogres to be suitable slaves, as it does not violate Imperial Law. I fear I've angered him, though, and he will no longer speak with me. Perhaps his wife will be more forthcoming.

  • Update: If they speak to Lady Drad:

Lady Drad has told me that the ogres are located in Bleak Mine, not far from here. I will have to go free them to appease Malacath.

  • Update: After entering Bleak Mine:

I have entered Bleak Mine. Now I must free Malacath's ogres.

  • Update: If they free one group of ogres:

I freed one group of ogres. I must check to see if there are more to be freed.

  • Update: After freeing all the ogres:

I have freed all the ogres in the Bleak Mine. I should return to the Shrine of Malacath.

  • Update: After returning to Malacath:

Malacath was satisfied with my efforts to free the ogres. He has rewarded me with Volendrung.

  • Update: If any of the ogres are killed:

Malacath wanted his ogres freed... not killed. Now there's no chance of earning the reward he promised.

  • Quest complete


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  • Rarely there is a glitch where there are endless lines off ogres coming out of the cave.