"Hard to make an honest living around here."

Malareth is a Bosmer debt collector that was once found in the Auridon city of Vulkhel Guard. She and her quest were removed from the game in Patch 1.0.1, and it is unknown when or if she well be added again.


New in TownEdit

Notice: This quest has been removed from the game and can no longer be obtained

She will reward the Vestige with an item known as the Collector's Coinblade after completion of this quest.


Show: New in Town

"New in town, eh? If you're looking to get your feet wet, I have some work needs doing."

What do you have in mind? "Just a simple misunderstanding. You see, there are a few people around town that owe me coin. They've uh... forgotten to pay me. I just want you to go remind them."
I just need to mention your name, then? "Now, see? The Green was telling me you were smart. Yeah, just mention me. Remind them of their obligations. And make sure they come running straight to me with that coin."

"So. How'd it go?"

You won't have anymore trouble, Malareth. "Hah! That's the way to make a good first impression in town. Can't wait to see the shine on their coins, it's so very very lovely. Well done. Very well indeed."