Not to be confused with Mahlene.
"There's a bed, of a sort. It ain't much, but it gets the job done. 10 gold a night if you're interested."

Malene quote

Malene is a Nord publican who owns the Roxey Inn.


The Gravefinder's ReposeEdit

When first met, she will bluntly ask the Hero to kill Raelynn the Gravefinder, a Necromancer who has taken up residence in nearby Moss Rock Cavern.

Heavy Armor TrainingEdit

She is also the secret love of one of her patrons, a Redguard named Pranal. He will ask the Hero to buy a set of cups and a pitcher in return for Master-level training in Heavy Armor.

Zero VisibilityEdit

Malene can be asked about Aleswell, the nearby village that recently disappeared.