Malkur Valos is a powerful Dunmeri mage and the only child of the wizard Maros Valos. During the assault of Coldharbour, he was deposited in the Court of Contempt after entering the portal on Stirk, where he was captured by the Dremora until he escaped with the help of the Vestige.


When Malkur's mother died in childbirth, his father Maros summoned a Golden Saint to protect and care for his son. Maros was killed in a mage's duel and Malkur's Daedric protector honored her commitment to the infant by taking him to Lord Sheogorath's realm.

The son of a powerful Dunmer wizard, Malkur is naturally gifted in the arcane arts and shares the distrusting, disdainful temperament of his race. Under the tutelage of the Aureals, Malkur acquired steadfast principles of honor, duty, and fidelity to his word. The inescapable influence of the Shivering Isles imbued him with a measure of unpredictability in his methods.

Eventually, Malkur was drawn to return to his native Tamriel, where his talent, honor, and innovation soon caught the attention of Vanus Galerion. When Malkur swore to uphold the principles and objectives of the Mages Guild, those principles and objectives became the unwavering core driving his every action, though that was not always apparent to superficial observers. He also assisted the guild in their attack on Coldharbour with the Fighters Guild.


Hall of JudgementEdit

The Vestige encounters Malkur outside Molag Bal's Hall of Judgement where Judge Xiven holds trial over captured Mages Guild Members.