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"The more you fight me, the more you will suffer, mortal."

Malkus is an Orsimer vampire and high-ranking member of the Volkihar Clan.


He ordered the capture of Dexion Evicus and had him brought to Forebears' Holdout where he attempted to break his will. He is the only known Orsimer vampire, excluding the Dragonborn if they are an Orc and member of the Volkihar Clan.


Prophet (Dawnguard)Edit

Malkus can be found by the magical barrier holding Dexion. He holds a Weystone Focus and must be killed in order to free the Moth Priest.

Prophet (Vampire)Edit

Malkus' corpse can be found by the magical barrier holding Dexion. It appears that the Dawnguard, led by Vanik, stormed the cave and killed all of the vampires that were holding Dexion. The Weystone Focus must be looted from his corpse in order to free Dexion.


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