"I thought the Gray Quarter would be a haven for my kind. I was wrong."
―Malthyr Elenil[src]


Malthyr Elenil is a Dunmer found in Windhelm.


He works at the New Gnisis Cornerclub and seems dissatisfied with life in Windhelm. He is usually found sleeping on the top floor of the Cornerclub. Elenil will hire thugs to pursue the Dragonborn for stealing from the Cornerclub in Windhelm (stealing the double-distilled skooma bottle for Stands-In-Shallows).


The Gray QuarterEdit

Malthyr: "You're a war hero, Brunwulf. Ulfric will listen to you."
Brunwulf: "It's not that simple. Ulfric wants a Skyrim for the Nords. He doesn't trust what he calls 'outsiders'."
Malthyr: "You've seen how we live―cramped alleys, run-down buildings, few guard patrols. Even the name 'Gray Quarter' is an insult."
Brunwulf: "I'll speak to Ulfric soon, but I make no promises that I can change his mind."
Malthyr: "That's all I ask. With your help, we have a chance to make a better life for ourselves here. For that, I thank you."


  • "The cornerclub's been filling up at night lately. I'll bet Edla up at Candlehearth is jealous."
  • "I thought the Gray Quarter would be a haven for my kind. I was wrong."
  • "The Gray Quarter's not much to look at now, but it wasn't always so bad."
  • "We might be poor, but is it really any better out there?"
  • "Not a day passes that I don't wonder if life would be better in Morrowind."
  • "I don't see why we should live as an underclass to the Nords. If anything, they owe us."
  • "It was a pleasure." ―Exit dialogue.
  • "Keep on your guard. This city can be a little rough for those such us." ―If the Dragonborn is a Dunmer.