"People won't say it, but they're afraid of me. So they leave me alone."
―Melur Seloth[src]

Malur Seloth is a Dunmer serving as steward to the Jarl of Winterhold. He spends all of his time either in the Jarl's Longhouse, or sitting on a bench outside The Frozen Hearth, skiving.


Due to his race, Jarl Korir has assumed that Malur has ties to the College of Winterhold, and therefore employs him as steward, despite Seloth being a slouch with no marketable skills. However, unlike most stewards, he continues to serve as steward if the balance of power shifts to the Imperials.

If questioned about what he does as steward, Malur replies, "Me? Nothing. And I hope to keep it that way."


Some Light TheftEdit

Malur asks the Dragonborn to steal the Staff of Arcane Authority from the The Frozen Hearth to help him keep up appearances. Upon completion he will grant an increase to the Speech skill by one point.

Bounty questsEdit

This being the only official business Malur indulges in, he tasks the Dragonborn with killing either Bandit Chiefs, Dragons, or even problematic giants.


  • In combat, Malur is rather uninspiring. If attacked, he attempts to flee from the combat as soon as possible and then cower. On the other hand, if one uses Fury or Courage on him, he shall be entirely dependent on his iron dagger to attack.