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For other uses, see Mamaea.
Not to be confused with Mamaea's Yurt or Yamaea.

Mamaea is a cavern complex located in the West Gash region, southeast of Gnisis found in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


The entrance is directly west of Dushariran, with the entrance set into the eastern side of a hill. The large cave complex is inhabited by Sixth House worshipers, it is guarded by Dreamers and Ash Creatures. The complex is split into three sections: Sanctum of Awakening, Sanctum of Black Hope, and Shrine of Pitted Dreams.


Mamaea, Shrine of Pitted Dreams Interior - Morrowind

Shrine of Pitted Dreams

  • Sanctum of Awakening is a series of tunnels guarded by Ash Creatures.
  • Sanctum of Black Hope is another series of maze-like tunnels with many locked gates, it is guarded by Ash Creatures and Dagoth Araynys. Hannat Zainsubani can be found here.
  • Shrine of Pitted Dreams is, yet, another series of tunnels, a Sixth House shrine can be found there, guarded by Zula and Ash Creatures.




  • Zula – In the Shrine of Pitted Dreams


Notable itemsEdit

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