"Greetings, novitiate, and know first a reassurance: Mankar Camoran was once like you, asleep, unwise, prototypic. We mortals leave the dreaming-sleeve of birth the same, unmantled save for the symbiosis with our mothers, thus to practice and thus to rapprochement, until finally we might through new eyes leave our hearths without need or fear that she remains behind. In this moment we destroy her forever and enter the demesne of Lord Dagon."
―Mankar Camoran[src]

Mankar Camoran is an Altmer and the leader of the Order of the Mythic Dawn.


Born the illegitimate son of Camoran the Usurper and his Bosmer mistress Kaalys, Mankar is the author of the Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes, and the founder of the Order of the Mythic Dawn, a Daedric cult dedicated to Mehrunes Dagon.

He has two children, Ruma and Raven, who also serve the Prince of Destruction. Camoran appears to be a "typical" mage; in reality, however, he and his children appear to be immortal. It is unknown for sure how old Camoran is, but it is said that he was born in 3E 267, shortly after his father, Camoran the Usurper, died.[1]



"Did she say nothing else?" asked Orben.
She told me the baby's name," Rosayna replied. "Mankar.""
―Orben Elmlock and Rosayna disscussing Haymon Camoran's son[src]

Mankar Camoran was born to Haymon Camoran (better known as "Camoran the Usurper") and his Bosmer mistress.[1] Mankar was born and raised in a shelter for war refugees in the region of Dwynnen in Valenwood. He and his mother lived there while his father Haymon waged a bloody war on across southern Tamriel.

It is unknown exactly when he was born although it was certainly towards the end of the conflict as Camoran was described as a baby in the end of the year 3E 276, which was the exact date of the Usurper's death. Shortly after his birth, his mother (who the other refugees noted performed the birth entirely herself) left the shelter and never returned for her son. It is unknown who raised Camoran after the death of the Usurper. It is also unknown whether or not Haymon Camoran ever knew or cared that he had a child, or what became of his favorite mistress.

Founding the Dawn

Later, Camoran founded a Daedric cult called the Order of the Mythic Dawn. Mankar developed a close relationship with Prince of Destruction Mehrunes Dagon. Dagon granted Camoran his own plane of Oblivion which he shaped to resemble Dawn's Beauty, a vision of how he believed the world would look once he helped Dagon take control.

Daedric invasion of Tamriel

"The Dragon Throne is empty, and we hold the Amulet of Kings! Praise be to your Brothers and Sisters! Great shall be their reward in Paradise! Hear now the words of Lord Dagon. 'When I walk the earth again, the Faithful among you shall receive your reward: to be set above all other Mortals forever. As for the rest: the weak shall be winnowed; the timid shall be cast down; the mighty shall tremble at my feet and pray for pardon.' Your reward, Brothers and Sisters! The time of Cleansing draws nigh. I go now to Paradise. I shall return with Lord Dagon at the coming of the Dawn!"
―Mankar Camoran[src]
TES4 Mankar hearthewords

In 3E 433, Mankar plotted to destroy the Septim bloodline and prevent the Dragonfires from being lit, so that the barriers between Nirn and Oblivion could dissolve, allowing Dagon to enter the realm. The Mythic Dawn started by assassinating Emperor Uriel Septim VII's heirs, the Princes Geldall, Enman and Ebel Septim. This prompted Uriel to attempt to go into hiding, taking a secret escape route through the Imperial Prison out of the city.

However, Camoran had apparently foreseen this, and had one of his lieutenants, Eldamil, arrange Uriel's own assassination inside the escape route. Though the Mythic Dawn agents succeeded in murdering the Emperor, a prisoner in the Imperial Prison (who is the Hero) was sent away with the Amulet of Kings to Jauffre.

There was one remaining heir to the Imperial throne, an illegitimate son named Martin Septim. Camoran apparently knew this, and had Martin's home city, Kvatch, invaded and completely destroyed to kill Martin. Though the city was destroyed, Martin was safely brought to Weynon Priory by the Hero. But in the meantime, Camoran had Mythic Dawn agents attack Weynon Priory and steal the Amulet of Kings.

With the Amulet of Kings, Camoran entered Gaiar Alata to wait for the barriers between Nirn and Oblivion to dissolve completely, while the Hero and Martin collected several artifacts needed to follow him there.

After being victorious in a great battle near Bruma, the Hero was sent to Gaiar Alata to kill Camoran and retrieve the Amulet of Kings. After fighting Camoran in his palace, Carac Agaialor, the Hero defeated him, which caused Gaiar Alata to dissolve.

Gaiar Alata

"He that enters Paradise enters his own Mother. AE ALMA RUMA! The Aurbis endeth in all ways."
―Mankar Camoran[src]
Mankar Camoran

Mankar Camoran, intimidating The Champion of Cyrodiil in his palace, Carac Agaialor

Mankar Camoran's Paradise, also known as "Gaiar Alata", is a small island realm in Oblivion created by Camoran by using the Mysterium Xarxes. When a member of the Mythic Dawn dies in his service, they ascend to the Paradise. While it appears heavenly, it is, in fact, quite hellish.

In the Paradise, Mankar's Immortal ascended followers are constantly attacked by daedra. If killed, the Immortals are not freed from their hell. Instead, they will be resurrected only to have to endure the process all over again. The only way to escape the Paradise is through a portal called the Forbidden Grotto. To gain access to the grotto, one must gain the Bands of the Chosen. These are only given to people who are highly trusted by Camoran.

Once someone passes into the Grotto, they are never heard from again. It is later found out that the Forbidden Grotto is not a place of salvation, but a torture chamber, from which the only method of escape is removal of the Bands. Such a feat is impossible by conventional methods.

Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes

Mankar Camoran's Commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes is a four-volume set of books written by Camoran. The Commentaries are sought after by those who wish to join the Mythic Dawn. To join it, a potential initiate must find a secret meaning hidden within the books. The player character uses the books to recover the Amulet of Kings from Camoran.

The books are:



Quote Audio
"You came for the Amulet. Take it then!"
Mankar Quote 1
"So, the cat's-paw of the Septims arrives at last."
Mankar Quote 2
"Behold the Savage Garden, where my disciples are tempered for a higher destiny: to rule over Tamriel Reborn."
Mankar Quote 3
"The Principalities have sparkled as gems in the black reaches of Oblivion since the First Morning."
Mankar Quote 4
"Tamriel is just one more Daedric realm of Oblivion, long since lost to its Prince when he was betrayed by those that served him."
Mankar Quote 5
"Lord Dagon cannot invade Tamriel, his birthright! He comes to liberate the Occupied Lands!"
Mankar Quote 6
"How is it that the Daedra forthrightly proclaim themselves to man, while the gods cower behind statues and the faithless words of traitor-priests?"
Mankar Quote 7
"Julianos and Dibella and Stendarr are all Lorkhan's betrayers, posing as divinities in a principality that has lost its guiding light."
Mankar Quote 8
"What are Scholarship, Love, and Mercy when compared to Fate, Night, and Destruction? The gods you worship are trifling shadows of First Causes."
Mankar Quote 9
"He is daedroth! TAMRIEL AE DAEDROTH!"
Mankar Quote 10
"I tire of the self-styled heroes who set themselves in my path, only to prove unworthy in the event."
Mankar Quote 11
"I have waited a long time for you, Champion of Old Tamriel."
Mankar Quote 12
"Lord Dagon shall walk Tamriel again. The world shall be remade. The new age shall rise from the ashes of the old."
Mankar Quote 13
"My long duel with the Septims is over, and I have the mastery."
Mankar Quote 14
"And the last defender of the last ragged Septim stands before me, in the heart of my power."
Mankar Quote 15
"The Dragon Throne is empty, and we hold the Amulet of Kings!"
Mankar Quote 16
"'When I walk the earth again, the Faithful among you shall receive your reward: to be set above all other Mortals forever.'"
Mankar Quote 17
"Your reward, Brothers and Sisters! The time of Cleansing draws nigh. I go now to Paradise. I shall return with Lord Dagon at the coming of the Dawn!"
Mankar Quote 18


  • In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Mankar Camoran is voiced by British actor Terence Stamp, who would later voice the Prophet of Truth in Halo 3.
  • Mankar Camoran is able to wear the Amulet of Kings, despite not being a member of the Septim Dynasty.
  • Camoran appears in the game as an Altmer, although his mother is a Bosmer. This goes against the rule of interbreeding in The Elder Scrolls where the child is generally the race of the mother.
  • When the Hero of Kvatch enters the Forbidden Grotto, Mankar Camoran names some of the planes of Oblivion, but relates them to the wrong Princes.
  • He cannot be killed at the Dagon Shrine, if he is attacked, he will stop his sermon, open a portal, and leave.
  • It is revealed in his commentaries on the Mysterium Xarxes that he may actually be able to use the Thu'um; he described that he could speak in a new language, and after three days he could speak fire. This, coupled with the fact that he can wear the Amulet of Kings, may imply that he is a Dragonborn.




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