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Lord Mannimarco is an Altmer Necromancer and Molag Bal's main agent on Tamriel.


Born on the isle of Artaeum, Mannimarco was an aspiring and intelligent Altmer mage who, along with his contemporary, the Mages Guild founder Vanus Galerion, entered into the prestigious Psijic Order of mystics. While Vanus was a good person, Mannimarco was described to have a dark demeanor, and this eventually led him down the path of necromancy. He is also mentioned in the book Mannimarco, King of Worms in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Soul Shriven in ColdharbourEdit

In the Temple of the One, Mannimarco will sacrifice you and your soul will be sent to Coldharbour, turning you into a Vestige of your former self.

Castle of the WormEdit

Once Abnur Tharn is rescued, he will have a battle with a projection of Mannimarco.

The Tharn SpeaksEdit

After using the speaking stones, a vision of Mannimarco will appear and say "The Redguard's iron will cannot be overcome with standard interrogation techniques. Physical tortures appear to be useless. I have therefore instructed the Daedra to move Sai Sahan into the Halls of Torment. The Duchess will be most pleased to have a new…guest.".

Halls of TormentEdit

Near the starting area of the halls, Abnur Tharn can be heard torturing Sai and saying "Where is the Amulet of Kings?" It is later revealed to be a doppelganer of Abnur saying this.

Valley of BladesEdit

A projection of Mannimarco appears in the crypt after the ring is recovered, and will say the following demands:

Mannimarco: "I knew you would lead me to the ring eventually. Give it to me!"
Sai Sahan: "Your presence defiles this place, Mannimarco!"
Mannimarco: "Give me the ring and I might spare your pathetic lives!"
Lyris Titanborn: "We struck down your Titan and we'll strike you down soon enough!"

Mannimarco will then resurrect the skeletons of famed Redguard heroes, who will attack you and the Five Companions.

Shadow of Sancre TorEdit

Projections of Mannimarco will appear as you and the companions traverse through Sancre Tor. After you kill him, his soul will rise and mock you, saying death cannot stop him. Molag Bal then appears through a Dark Anchor and takes the King of Worms' spirit away into his realm.

Council of the Five CompanionsEdit

Varen gives you the option of viewing Mannimarco being tortured by Molag Bal. In the vision, he is repeatedly whipped by skeletons.

God of SchemesEdit

In Heart's Grief, Mannimarco will be bound to the floor. You are given the option of freeing him or letting him remain imprisoned.

The Elder Scrolls OnlineEdit

One of the original Five Companions, Mannimarco tricked them into using the Amulet of Kings in a ritual that caused a Soulburst, which would weaken boundaries between Nirn and Oblivion enough to allow Molag Bal's followers to use the Dark Anchors to try to merge Nirn into Coldharbour in an event known as a Planemeld. He worked with the Chancellor of the Elder Council, Abnur Tharn, after the latter pledged loyalty to him shortly after the soulburst occurred.

In reality, Mannimarco had no intention of remaining Molag Bal's servant; he intended to use the Amulet of Kings to trap the Daedric Prince and absorb his essence over time, eventually taking his place as the Lord of Brutality and Domination. To this end, he required the Amulet of Kings. 

After the Soulburst ritual, Sai Sahan fled the Imperial City with the Amulet and hid it in the catacombs of Sancre Tor. He was captured shortly after and imprisoned in the dungeons beneath the Imperial City. After Mannimarco concluded he needed a better place to break the descendant of Yokuda he sent Sahan to the Halls of Torment in Coldharbour, where the Duchess of Anguish tortured him mentally and physically for years. During this time, Mannimarco placed an enchantment upon Sahan in the event that he escaped. This proved wise, as the Vestige was able to rescue him.

Mannimarco was eventually betrayed by Abnur Tharn, who was rescued from the Castle of the Worm by the Vestige and Lyris Titanborn. The two mages fought a magic duel which Mannimarco lost when the Vestige struck him from behind, breaking his concentration and allowing them to escape.

During Sahan's torture, Mannimarco learned that Sai would require the Ring of Stendarr's Mercy to retrieve the Amulet from its hiding place. The King of Worms dispatched a Daedric Titan to the ring's location, the Abbey of Blades in Hammerfell. The Vestige, Lyris Titanborn, Abnur Tharn and Sai Sahan arrived shortly after and were able to dispatch the beast, though not before it destroyed most of the abbey and killed most of the students. The leader of the abbey, Kasura, had hid the ring in the nearby catacombs which housed the remains of Sai's ancestors. Mannimarco appeared in the catacombs and raised the dead within in an attempt to stop the Vestige, to no avail.

Mannimarco continued to monitor Sai's movements through his enchantment. Eventually the Five Companions went to Sancre Tor to retrieve the Amulet, and the King of Worms traveled there himself and revealed his plan for Molag Bal to them, explaining that the wards of Stendarr Sai had placed on the chamber containing the Amulet would hide him from Molag Bal's sight until he was ready to strike. Mannimarco then tried to slay them by resurrecting the dead within. The Vestige was able to confront Mannimarco and kill him, yet his spirit survived and promised death would not slow him for long.

At that moment, Molag Bal appeared in Sancre Tor and seized Mannimarco's spirit, revealing he had known of his impending betrayal and dragged him screaming into Coldharbour. There he was tortured relentlessly by undead in Heart's Grief, the seat of Molag Bal's power in Coldharbour.

When the Five Companions arrived in Heart's Grief to perform the ritual with the Amulet of Kings, they found Mannimarco magically shackled to a stone table. The Vestige is then given the choice to free him or leave him to his grim fate. 

If he is freed, Mannimarco vanishes from Coldharbour, claiming future generations would curse the Vestige for their decision.





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