Manthir's Debt is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I met a Khajiit called Cold-Eyes who is looking to collect a debt. He'll give me a cut if I help him.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Manthir.
  2. Talk to Farwen.
  3. Meet Manthir with Farwen.
  4. Talk to Manthir.
  5. Deliver the debt to Cold-Eyes.


Mathir owes Cold-Eyes a debt, which he asks the Vestige to collect for him. He promises to cut them in on the debt that's collected.

Manthir tells the Vestige that he cannot pay the money back because it was stolen from him by Farwen. By the Right of Theft, Marwen will only give back the money to Manthir if he agrees to marry her.

Once he agrees, Marwen will give back the money to Manthir. He will entrust the Vestige to return the money to Cold-Eyes. Deliver the money to receive the Matchmaker's Slippers.


  • Matchmaker's Slippers
  • 36–151 GoldIcon