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For the Morrowind character, see Manwe (Morrowind).

Manwe was a Atmoran warrior and craftsman. He was one of the Five Hundred Companions.

He was an accomplished craftsman on Atmora, prior to the Day of Final Passage. He worked in the massive shipyards of Jylkurfyk. He and Menro were the ones that constructed one of the Five Hundred longboats, Jorrvaskr.

During the Day of Final Passage Manwe was part of Jorrvaskr's crew and was under command of its captain, Jeek of the River. It is said that Menro and Manwe took Atmoran timbers with them.

After arriving at Mereth and retaking Saarthal, Manwe as well as the rest of the crew went south to the area that was later known as Whiterun. According to book series Songs of the Return, Menro and Manwe were the ones who founded the city of Whiterun.

The mead-hall known as Jorrvaskr in Fourth Era is an example of his craftsmanship and is also named after his ship.


  • In J.R.R. Tolkien's Legendarium, Manwë was the greatest of the Ainur, the King of the Valar and Lord of Arda. 



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