Marbruk is a city in the region of Greenshade, Valenwood. Thalmor representatives may be contacted about decorum and proper behavior while in the city. The worship of the Daedric Prince Hircine is also prevalent there.[source?]

The city is on the border of Aldmeri Dominion's territory.[1] It was established by the First Aldmeri Dominion as a means of uniting the races of Khajiit, Bosmer and Altmer together, irrespective of their geography. It serves as an outpost for the Dominion's armies in Valenwood to defend the area from the armies of Cyrodiil. Despite this, due to the high Altmer presence in the city some Bosmer consider the city to be a mere colony rather than a multicultural hub.[2]


Queen's ResidenceEdit

The Queen's Residence is where Ayrenn stays whenever she is in Marbruk. The book The Dominion's Duty: Marbruk is located there.

Mages GuildEdit

The Racuvar Bala Gandra-Lye and Crown of Nenalta are located at the guildhall, along with the very rare plants like Crimson Nirnroot, Domica Redwort, Roland's Tear, and Gleamblossom, inside the Relic Room. These items are references to previous games in the series.

Marbruk Fighters GuildEdit

Calastil's HouseEdit

Cassirion's HouseEdit

Earrastell's HouseEdit

Nimare's Noble SteedsEdit


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