"It bears repeating that it is the duty of loyal Dominion citizens to support their queen and their fellow races by joining in the defense of our common territory and shoring up the bonds of unity. Marbruk is only the latest city in the Dominion to symbolize those values. May it ever prosper!"
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Marbruk otherwise known as Marbruk Field is a city in south central Valenwood on the border between Greenshade and Grahtwood. The city is an Altmer built city to combat the Ebonheart Pact influence in the region.[1]


Marbruk is has three entrances. The Northern Gate leads to Driladan Pass and Northern Greenshade. The Southern Gate leads to Bramblebreach and Southern Greenshade. The Eastern Gate leads to the Redfur Trading Post and Grahtwood. The city of Marbruk is built on an incline. The eastern entrance is on the highest level along with the stables. The next lower one is where the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and the Smithy are located. The next level is where the merchants stalls are located, the next one is the city plaza, inn, and northern gate. The last one is where the residents live, the wayshrine, and the southern gate.


First EraEdit

Prior to Marbruk's inception, the Ayleids fled Cyrodiil after the Alessian Slave Rebellion and some settled in the Marbruk Fields.[2] The Ayleids eventually integrated themselves into Bosmeri culture and the great Ayleid settlements degraded to ruins.

Second EraEdit

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The great Altmer city of Marbruk was built in 2E 582 during the Alliance War. The city was built to combat the Ebonheart Pact's influence in the region.[1] The Altmer respected the Bosmer's Green Pact by importing supplies from home other places.[3]

After the construction of the city, tragedy stuck when the Staff of Magnus was stolen from the Aldmeri Dominion's great chamber of treasures by the Veiled Heritance and Vicereeve Pelidil.[4]

This resulted in the resurrection of Prince Naemon into the Shade of Naemon. The Shade had resurrected an undead army in the Green's Marrow region of Greenshade and lead an assault on Marbruk via the Driladan Pass.[5] The Aldmeri Dominion managed to push back the invaders and eventually defeated the army at Hectahame.[6]

A thief known as the Artisan had been stealing items from several Altmer in Marbruk. Cinnar, Captain of the Marbruk City Guard tasked the Vestige into questioning citizens about the identity of the Artisan. After uncovering the Artisan, the Vestige returns all the stolen items to their proper owner.[7]

Third EraEdit

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During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion had at one point visited the city in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos. Back then, Marbruk was known as Marbruk Field and became a simple settlement.



  • Marbruk shares similarities to Markarth.
    • Both are settlements that started out as towns in Arena but became cities in later games.
    • Both share the similar prefix Mar.
    • Both are large cities built atop of ruins. Marbruk was built on Ayleid ruins while Markarth was built on Dwemer ruins.
    • Both are built along borders. Marbruk is on the border of Greenshade while Markarth is built on the border of Skyrim.

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