"We are grateful for your help. Now we just have to make sure to keep our town safe in the furure."
―Marent Ergend[src]

Marent Ergend is a Breton residing in Crosswych, Glenumbra. He is found outside, near Edgard Gane and the Menoit's Emporium.


The End of ExtortionEdit


Show: The End of Extortion

"Did you meet with Tamien Sellan? He's got the right idea."

What do you plan to do? "The Red Rook enforcers have threatened, extorted, or beaten us at every turn. They claim it's for out own protection, but they just want out gold. They're not even honest about their thievery! I say it's time to fight back."

I can help. "That's what I wanted to hear! If you stand up to those greedy bastards, it will show the rest of the town that we can take back Crosswych."
I'll deal with the enforcers.

After villagers have been rescued:

"Did you teach those Red Rooks a lesson?"

The Red Rook enforcers shouldn't bother those people anymore. "I don't know what happened to us. We're mountain folk and miners. We shouldn't be so easily cowed. You've given us back our courage. Thank you."

Show: Crosswych
After the quest The End of Extortion has been completed:

"Finally, someone stood up to those bandits. The townsfolk you saved are all determined to fight the Red Rooks now. The resistance grows, my friend."

After the quest Crosswych Reclaimed has been completed:

"All Crosswych is talking about you. The Red Rooks are on the run. If they try to stop, we'll chase them right out of town."