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"By the gods, that man nearly killed me. You saved my life."


Margret is a Nord visiting Markarth.


Hailing from the Imperial City, Margret claims she came to Markarth looking to purchase jewelry for her sister. She rented the most expensive room at the Silver-Blood Inn for a month. Later she revealed herself to be an agent sent by General Tullius, in order to investigate the treasury house and the Silver-Blood family.


Arriving in MarkarthEdit

Upon the Dragonborn's first visit to Markarth, a Breton named Weylin attempts to murder her and a silversmith named Kerah. If the Dragonborn succeeds in preventing the murder, she pays them with articles of jewelry and her questionable presence in Markarth is left to be investigated further.

Margret's murderEdit

After the assassination attempt, successful or not, Eltrys will give the Dragonborn a note asking the Dragonborn to rendezvous with him in the Temple of Talos. Following through with the request, the Dragonborn learns of a conspiracy with the Forsworn, a cult of killers that have infiltrated the guards and received support from the Silver-Blood Family.

Catching the killerEdit


When first entering Markarth

Eltrys employs the Dragonborn with investigating Margret's attack and the motives behind it. Learning that she purchased a room at the Silver-Blood Inn, the Dragonborn either finds the key to her room on her corpse in the market or pickpockets from Kleppr, the innkeeper. Alternatively, the room can be infiltrated using lockpicks. Inside, Margret's Journal is discovered, revealing that she was an undercover operative of the Imperial Legion, acting on behalf of General Tullius in their bid to seize control of Cidhna Mine from the Silver-Bloods. Looking to provoke an appearance from Thonar and obtain the deed to Cidhna Mine, she hoped to prevent the Stormcloaks from possibly receiving access to the silver therein as well as prevent the potential release of the deadly prisoners incarcerated within. Alternatively, if Margret is alive, she can be asked directly at the fireplace, she'll plan to leave the inn after being asked directly.



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