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Margret's Journal can be found in Margret's room inside an end table next to bed in the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth, regardless of whether she's been killed or saved. There is no penalty for taking the journal, which may be done right in front of Margret, if she's present.


Meeting at the Treasury House later today. Took them long enough. These people act like they own everything.

Thonar Silver-Blood is the younger brother, but he's obviously the one in charge. Makes all the deals, bullies local landowners into selling to him. Even employs that wispy girl at the door to deter "trouble-makers" like me.

General Tullius is growing impatient, but I'll bring back the deed to Cidhna Mine. On my life, I won't allow a group of Stormcloak sympathizers to own the prison to the most notorious criminals of the Reach. They say no one escapes. Why? Is it really that secure?

Maybe I've played my hand too soon by rushing the confrontation with Thonar. There are shadows around every corner in this city, and I know I'm being watched.