"I'm afraid you're late to the party. The guest of honor has already left!"
―Mariette Rielle[src]

Mariette Rielle quote

Mariette Rielle is a Breton found in Nenyond Twyll during the quest "Liberation or Apprehension?."

Mariette seems to be an assistant for the King of Worms. She will be found at the end of the Ayleid Ruin right before meeting Mucianus Allias.


Liberation or Apprehension?Edit

Traven asks that an informant, Mucianus Allias, in the Ayleid Ruin of Nenyond Twyll be found and rescued. Further into the ruin the Hero encounters Mariette and at first she seems non-hostile and chats about the unfortunate circumstance that has fallen upon Mucianus. Towards the end of the conversation she starts talking about how foolish he was to cross the Order of the Black Worm, and how offering the Hero's head to her master would surely put her in his good graces.

She is fairly easy to beat and she has only two items of clothing and a few pieces of gold. She is the third of Mannimarco's lieutenants to be killed.