Not to be confused with Marius.
"I am proud of my family's tradition of service to Leyawiin and its people. We face many challenges, but Gods willing, we shall prevail."
―Marius Caro[src]

Marius Caro quote

Marius Caro is the Count of Leyawiin. He is married to Countess Alessia Caro, who is also the daughter of Countess Arriana Valga of Chorrol.


Marius has little trust in outsiders, and feels the Leyawiin is, and has, stood on its own. He goes as far as saying that the Elder Council doesn't care for the safety of the empire, and leaves the provinces to fend for themselves.

During the Oblivion Crisis, he makes it clear that he has little hope of help coming from the outside, and that it will be up to Leyawiin to see to its own survival. If the Oblivion Gate outside his city is closed, he will be willing to send troops to Bruma.

Marius funded the knightly order of the Knights of the White Stallion as a way to reward and honor free adventurers who perform noteworthy services for County Leyawiin.

He offers a bounty of a hundred septims for each Black Bow given to him as proof of the death of a member of the Black Bow Bandits.


  • "Leyawiin is beset by enemies. The Empire does nothing to help us. Even before this crisis, I did not have enough men to patrol my borders. Now, daedra are pouring out of an Oblivion Gate on our very doorstep!"
  • "How are you faring in your campaign against the remnants of the Black Bow Bandits, Sir Knight?"