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The Mark of Dibella is a unique sapphire, it is a quest item obtained from the miscellaneous quest Caught Red Handed that Svana Far-Shield gives the Dragonborn. She requests that the Dragonborn obtain three Marks of Dibella from her aunt Haelga's most recent lovers, and present them to her, in an attempt to injure her pride so that she eases up a little on her overworked niece.

Quest and charactersEdit

Svana Far-Shield provides the Dragonborn with the names of three specific men.

The MarksEdit

  • One can be pickpocketed or persuaded from Indaryn in Riften. He is frequently found in the Black-Briar Meadery. He may also be found in The Bee and Barb, but care should be taken: if the Dragonborn drops an item or piece of equipment there, Indaryn will fight Asgeir Snow-Shod and Vulwulf Snow-Shod for ownership of what was dropped. Because Asgeir Snow-Shod is essential until the completion of "Bound Until Death", this altercation usually ends in Indaryn's death, which causes the quest to automatically fail.
  • One can be persuaded, pickpocketed or intimidated from Hofgrir Horse-Crusher at the Riften Stables, just outside the walls of Riften. However, be wary of dragon attacks; if Hofgrir dies, the quest will automatically fail.

    Haelga, with an Amulet of Dibella around her neck.

  • One can be persuaded from Bolli who, during the conversation, incorrectly identifies his wife as Drifa, not Nivenor. He can be found around Riften running the Riften Fishery or occasionally in the Black-Briar Meadery.
  • One can also be found in a coffin in the Riften Hall of the Dead.
  • Once the Dragonborn obtains all three marks, they then need to seek out Haelga in Riften, who will give the Dragonborn a gift to keep quiet about her practicing her "Dibellan Arts".
  • On revealing the three marks to Haelga, the Dragonborn is prompted to return to the questgiver, Svana Far-Shield, who is usually in Haelga's Bunkhouse doing chores. When told about the Dragonborn showing the marks to Haelga, Svana awards a leveled gift.


  • If the quest fails, you can drop, store, or sell any of the three marks.
  • A looted Mark of Dibella from the corpse of its owner, for example if they were killed by a dragon, will not be acknowledged by Haelga and the quest becomes impossible to complete.
  • Haelga is also integral to the Thieves Guild quest "Taking Care of Business". If one is in the midst of that quest, Haelga may not trigger correctly and will continue repeating dialogue from the other. To solve this problem, complete the Guild quest and then return to Haelga. The Mark of Dibella quest will then proceed as intended.
  • The Mark of Dibella shares the same skin as a Sapphire.
  • If you need a boost in Speech (to pass the persuasion/intimidation checks), you can get a blessing from the Shrine of Dibella in Haelga's room.
  • If you loot one of the marks from an NPC before the quest has started, the dialogue to start the quest does not appear when you speak to Svana Far-Shield; however, you can talk to her and once you are done talking to her she will end the conversation like usual. The quest will still not start or show up on the menu until you collect all three Marks of Dibella.
  • If vampires in the Dawnguard add-on kill any of the cast of this quest, the quest is dropped and you won't be stuck with any of the marks.


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