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Markarth Marketplace is a location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The Markarth Marketplace is a small market located right inside the gate of Markarth. A couple of merchants have stalls here and eagerly hail passers-by, hoping to attract them to their businesses. In addition, there is a general goods store and an inn very close by.


The Forsworn ConspiracyEdit

Upon entering Markarth for the first time, the Dragonborn witnesses Weylin, a member of the Forsworn, kill a woman named Margret in the middle of the marketplace, starting this quest.


Merchant Type Goods GoldIcon
Hogni Red-Arm Food Vendor Meat 50
Kerah Jeweler Jewelry 50
Kleppr / Frabbi (Silver-Blood Inn) Innkeeper Tavern food and drink 100
Lisbet (Arnleif and Sons Trading Company) General Goods Merchant Weapons, Apparel, Potions, Food, Books, Misc 750



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