"I miss those goblins. The food was free, and clothing was optional."

Marq is a Breton who thinks he is a goblin after they stole his special brew. He can be found outside Port Hunding, Stros M'Kai.


Goblin MarqEdit

Help Grubby Grunyun to get his friend Marq back from the goblin camp. He thinks he is a goblin. When the quest is over, both Grubby and Marq relocate to the Screaming Mermaid in Port Hunding. Marq lying on a bench, still in his underwear. I miss those Goblins. The food was free, and clothing was optional.


Marq can be first found in the Goblin camp near the Rash Merchant's Plummet. He can be talked to during the quest Goblin Marq.

"Who? Go away."

Marq, I found your special brew. "Brew? Yes. Where did you get it? That smell .... "

"Wait. Where am I? What am I wearing?"

You're in a Goblin camp. Acting like a Goblin. "I ... I remember now. Too much root pulp. Less kick, more crazy."

"Grubby was right! I'm out of my gourd. Things are starting to make sense again."

So you'll head back to town?