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TESOnlineIcon Masked Bear
Masked Bear
Basic Info
Default name Bandit
Base species Bear
Price 2,500 Crowns Icon
Acquisition Crown Store
Date Added August 25, 2016
Date Removed August 29, 2016
Main article: Mount (Online)
"Both swift and strong, the Masked Bear of the Jerall Mountains is a popular mount along the high passes between Bruma and Falkreath. They're particularly common in the region around Pale Pass; mountain travelers leave offerings for them at “bear bars" along the trail, which is how they may have come to be domesticated."
―Crow Store Showcase[src]

The Masked Bear is a discontinued bear mount for The Elder Scrolls Online formerly available on the Crown Store for a limited time.


  • Players who purchased this mount prior to removal can still use it.


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