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Master Robes are an item of enchanted clothing. The robes increase magicka regeneration by 150% and are the best of the non-unique mage robes. Like other mage robes, they have different variations that reduces the Magicka cost of different schools of magic.


  • These robes have a black and red theme to them, they have no matching hood.


  • They can be bought from teachers at the College of Winterhold once the Dragonborn has reached a certain level of proficiency with magic
  • Can also be bought at Radiant Raiment, once Dragonborn's magic is at a certain level.
  • High ranking teachers at the College, such as Tolfdir and Faralda, wear them.
  • They can also be bought from Enthir and Khajiit Traders around Skyrim.
  • Minimum level before appearing in teacher's inventories at the College of Winterhold seems to be 32. This was tested in a unique situation where the character could level from 31 to 32 at will prior to entering the Hall of Countenance. Repeatedly loading entry into the Hall at level 31 showed no Master Robes available in any inventories. Repeatedly loading entry into the Hall at level 32 showed multiple Master Robes for sale (sometimes with the same vendor), from various teachers of various schools. Please note: Master Robes from each school appeared to be randomly available, and did NOT seem to be dependent on skill level of the school. For example, several Master Robes of Destruction were among those available, despite the sample character's skill set of Illusion 65, Conjuration 28, Destruction 17, Restoration 87, Alteration 23 and Enchanting 47. Wiki entries for the Master Robes of each specific school often indicate a necessity to 'reach expert level, etc.' in the appropriate school. This appears to be demonstrably false.



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