The Master Tunnel Rat is the title given to the player in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Stormhold.





The Master Tunnel Rat was sent to the Stormhold prison for reasons unknown and was forced to clear the tunnels mined by fellow prisoners in search of the Stormhold Crystal. Upon arrival, the Master Tunnel Rat found his way to Helga, a healer and a fellow prisoner. She offers to help the Tunnel Rat in exchange for crystals that can be found throughout the tunnels.

Clearing the TunnelsEdit

In between the Master Tunnel Rat's trips into the tunnels, Warden Quintus Varus makes a few trips to the camp, praising the Master Tunnel Rat at his effectiveness, and that he will look the other way when they steal crystals from the tunnels, so long as they don't get greedy. Additionally, on these trips the Warden will also talk to Helga, often threatening her while believing that she, too, was after the Stormhold Crystal.

The Stormhold Crystal at Varus' VictoryEdit

Warden varus

Warden Quintus Varus

After one trip into the tunnels, Helga tells the Master Tunnel Rat that Varus has found the Stormhold Crystal, and that they should hurry up and stop him before he does something stupid. The Master Tunnel Rat then makes his way to Varus' Victory, where he finds the Mad Warden with the Stormhold Crystal. Then, believing the Master Tunnel Rat was there to take it from him, Varus attacked, and was killed in the fight.

Stormhold Crystal

Stormhold Crystal

Having defeated Warden Quintus Varus, the prisoners who had managed to retain their sanity escaped the prison, and the Master Tunnel Rat used the Stormhold Crystal to absorb the corruption caused by Varus' mining expeditions in search of the crystal.[1]