A Master Vampire is a type of vampire in Skyrim.


The top vampire in a coven, Master Vampires lead other vampires within the coven and control any thralls there, as well. Master Vampires can usually be found in some caves when the Dragonborn is level 31–38, or in random encounters on the road, they also appear in the major cities fighting the guardsmen if Dawnguard is installed.


  • Master Vampires, like all vampires, will drop vampire dust upon death.
  • They will have good-quality enchanted robes, such as Robes of Quickening. They may also wear Elven Armor or Glass Armor.


  • When a Master Vampire is the Dragonborn's thrall, it can be upgraded to a Volkihar Master Vampire through the use of a glitch. To do this, they must be caught committing a non-aggressive crime and pay the bounty, so that he or she is transported to a different cell by the guard. Once the new cell is loaded, the Master Vampire will then be a Volkihar Master Vampire, however this will only happen if the Dragonborn's level is sufficiently high. This glitch is even more effective with the addition of Dawnguard, where it is possible that the Master Vampire may become a Nightmaster Vampire, the strongest vampire boss type found in the game.
  • The dead Master Vampires found on tables within Fellglow Keep lack magic attacks (i.e., Lightning Bolt, Ice Spike, etc.) if they are raised through Dread Zombie or Dead Thrall. Instead, they will rely on Vampiric Drain and whatever melee weapon that is given to them.


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