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"Mathies is a kind and wise man. The Nords could use more like him. So could the Imperials."
Indara Caerellia[src]

Mathies is a Nord farmer who lives in Falkreath.


Mathies and his wife Indara Caerellia own and tend Corpselight Farm. The couple once had a daughter, Lavinia, but she was brutally murdered by Sinding near the town's lumbermill.

Mathies and Indara are first seen in the graveyard mourning their daughter at a funeral lead by Runil, the priest of Arkay and keeper of Falkreath's Hall of the Dead. After the funeral has completed they will resume their normal daily activity, which includes tending to the crops at the Corpselight Farm.

Selling crops to Mathies counts towards becoming Thane of Falkreath, and so does selling him a gourd which will add the housecarl, Rayya, to Lakeview Manor if Hearthfire is installed.


He will buy vegetables for a small price.

Ill Met by MoonlightEdit

Speaking with Mathies about his daughter will begin this quest.

Rescue MissionEdit

Mathies may be a target to be rescued for The Companions' radiant quest, Rescue Mission.



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