"The sixth guest has finally arrived! Well it's about time! Do you know how long we've been waiting? It seems like an age!"
―Matilde Petit[src]

Matilde Petit quote

Matilde Petit is a Breton noblewoman in the Whodunit? quest. She is the first of whom the Hero meets and speaks to, she will try to befriend them in hopes of increasing her chances of walking away with something.



As Matilde Petit is the first person who is encountered in the quest, she claims that she an aristocrat. Her opinions of everyone else in the house is that she likes Primo Antonius, Neville and the Hero, depending on disposition. She dislikes Nels the Naughty and Dovesi Dran

Despite the warnings of not giving away that they are there to kill them, if she is told that the Hero is an assassin she will think its a joke and her Disposition will boost to 100.

She offers the Hero to join an alliance with her and share the treasure 50/50. The Hero can tell her to go down to the basement to search for the treasure, which is a good place to kill her unseen.