Matthias Draconis is a Breton who works for Lord Umbacano. He is one of the children of Perennia Draconis. He guards Umbacano Manor in the Talos Plaza District, and has a house of his own just around the corner.

He does not have much to say or do, except to fulfill his duties to Lord Umbacano. Matthias, along with the rest of the Draconis family, are targets of the Dark Brotherhood.



Matthias says that Master Umbacano is a fine gentleman, and that he is good to work for since he pays his employees well. However, Matthias will also say that Umbacano is arrogant, and mad for Ayleid artifacts.

Next of KinEdit

The task of this mission is to eliminate the entire Draconis family, which is five targets in total. The only information given at the start of the mission is the location of Perennia Draconis, the mother of the family. She is located at Applewatch farm, just west of Bruma.


Next of KinEdit

"Yeah? What're you looking at?"

I'm looking at a dead man "What? A dead man? You got some kind of death wish, is that it?"
Time to die, slave of Sithis! "Slave of WHAT? Oh, all right, then! You're some kind of crazy, is that it? Come here then! Show me what you've got!"
(Remain Silent) "Oh-kaaay...Well then, I'm going to go about my business. And stop staring at me, would ya? You're giving me the creeps!"



Imperial City "Master Umbacano is a fine gentleman. Mad for old Ayleid stuff, true, but he's got the dosh, so it's all right, ain't it?"

"Uh-huh. Whatever you say."


  • Matthias is a Breton, though the rest of his family are all Imperials.
  • Matthias' corpse never disappears if he is killed, though his tombstone is still found outside of Applewatch.
  • His tombstone will have an epitaph saying: "Here lies Matthias Draconis. His mother always told him he'd end up dead if he didn't clean up his life..."