"We fight when the odds favor us and pull back when they don’t. Simple tactics, really."
―Maxima Petellia[src]

Maxima Petellia is an Imperial Legion mender in The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City.


"I must say it's good to see a fresh, living face in these barracks. We haven't much, but I might be able to sneak you a spoonful or two."

What are you cooking? "Oh, you like the smell! It's amazing how a few spices can liven up boot leather soup. I'm teasing, of course. There's really only a dash of boot leather in here. Zelanus has done an amazing job at scrounging up food. Meat, bread - even fresh apples."
So scavenging is how you've held out for two months? "That, and knowing how to pick and choose our battles. We fight when the odds favor us and pull back when they don't. Simple tactics, really. For my part, I'm just glad I'm with my children."
You have children living in the city? "Oh, that's just what I call my comrades. My boys and girls. Even Anatolius, though he prefers Captain Caudex. These soldiers are all my children. I'll cook their meals and heal their wounds until I pass. That's what a mother does, you know."