Mazgar gra Yagash was a female Orsimer, member of the Imperial Legion, and survivor of the sack of Orsinium during the Fourth Era.[1]  


Mazgar was present during the sack of Orsinium by the Bretons and the Redguards in the early Fourth Era, she was seven years old and saw her mother die. Because the Empire had sent two Legions to defend Orsinium she later joined the Legion. As of 4E 40 she was the bodyguard of an Imperial scholar by the name of Brennus. She was ordered to defend him by the name of the Imperial war office. She fought the undead forces of Umbriel, escorted refugees from Cheydinhal and even fought at the Imperial City against Umbriel's forces with the Twelfth Legion.[1]


  • Mazgar knew how to form a Phalanx.[1]
  • Mazgar knew how to hold a Shield Wall.[1]