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"She's got terrible manners. Being her friend may be a lot of work. But my sniffer says she might be worth it."

Mazoga the Orc quote

Mazoga the Orc is an Orsimer that the Hero meets in Castle Leyawiin for the quest "Mazoga the Orc." She used to be a bandit and was associated with bandits such as Black Brugo, who the Hero has to kill as part of the next quest, Knights of the White Stallion.


Count Marius Caro wants the Hero to find out why she is in Leyawiin. She began calling herself a knight (and demands that they call her "Sir Mazoga") after her friend Ra'vindra was killed by the bandit Mogens Wind-Shifter. She promised to kill Wind-Shifter, so she made her way to Leyawiin to find Weebam-Na so he could take her to Fisherman's Rock, the hiding place of the bandit that killed her friend.


Mazoga the OrcEdit

This quest starts when the Hero talks to Count Marius Caro in Castle Leyawiin. He wants to know why Mazoga the Orc won't leave his hall.

Knights of the White StallionEdit

After the Hero and Mazoga have killed the Black Bow Bandits and Black Brugo, the Count of Leyawiin will grant them the Title of Knight-Errant of the White Stallion and the Leyawiin Shield. They also get the key to the lodge and so does Mazoga.


  • Before the quest "Mazoga the Orc," she can be found in Castle Leyawiin seeking council with Count Marius Caro.
  • After the quest "Knights of the White Stallion," most days she spends her time in the White Stallion Lodge.
  • Three days a week, also post-quest, she hunts for Black Bow Bandits. Every Morndas at 2 p.m., she clears Telepe of Black Bows, every Middas at 2 p.m., she heads to Rockmilk Cave, and every Turdas, she visits Undertow Cavern with the same intent.



  • "I'm gonna go get me some more black bows. Tag along if you like."


  • After completing both of her quests, she and the Hero become the only known members of the Knights of the White Stallion.
  • Once she has begun following the Hero for the quest "Knights of the White Stallion," she will continue following the Hero even if they go elsewhere to do other quests. It is therefore possible to use her help to complete other quests.
  • It is possible for Mazoga to be killed by the Leyawiin guards, and the count will blame the Hero for her death. This can happen any time the guards in the castle attack the Hero, such as during Sanguine's Daedric quest, since she will attack the guards to defend the Hero. Even if they leave Leyawiin for several days, upon returning to the castle, the guards will attack Mazoga and likely kill her, even at high levels.