For other uses, see Mazte.

Mazte is a drink in The Elder Scrolls Online.


  • Regular
  • Flat Spiced Mazte
  • Kagouti Kick Mazte
  • Sour Mazte
  • Lemon Flower Mazte
  • Spiced Mazte
  • Necrom Nights Mazte
  • Gossamer Mazte
  • Psijic Sage's Mazte
  • Summer Mazte
  • Flat Gossamer Mazte
  • Double Clarified Mazte
  • Sweet Scamp Mazte
  • Acai Dry Mazte
  • Blacklight Ginger Mazte
  • Monkeypants Mazte
  • Kragenmoor Zinger Mazte
  • Lusty Argonian Maid Mazte


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