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Mebestian Ence is a Breton merchant living in Pelagiad, Vvardenfell. He runs the local Trader shop, where he both lives and works. Mebestian is involved in the black-market Dwemer artifact trade, operating quietly right under the nose of the Imperial Legion. He wears expensive clothing, and carries a key.


Merchant – Armor, Clothing, Ingredients, Potions, Weapons, Misc.


This character uses or carries the following:


This character uses the following:

Related questsEdit

  • Free New-Shoes Bragor – There is more than one way to free a thief, including blackmail, bribery, or more subtle methods. Mebestian can help with the blackmail. His side business trading in contraband goods involves a partner who doesn't want her role revealed.


  • Spelling of this character, his shop, and his key and all differ from one another in Morrowind:
    "Mebestian Ence" – "Mebestien Ence: Trader" – "Mebastien's Key"



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