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Main article: Pelagiad Locations

Mebestien Ence: Trader is a shop in central Pelagiad that deals in a wide variety of goods. The owner, Mebestian Ence, sells his wares on the ground floor of this building and lives upstairs.


Mebestian is involved in the black-market Dwemer artifact trade, operating quietly right under the nose of the Imperial Legion Guard on duty inside his shop. There is a small locked chest in the north-west corner of the upstairs room that requires 50 security pick.


The following characters can be found at this location:



  • Mebestian – Armor, Clothing, Ingredients, Potions, Weapons, Misc.

Notable itemsEdit

The following items can be found in this location:


Thieves GuildEdit


  • Spelling of this location, the associated character, and his key and all differ from one another in Morrowind:
    "Mebestien Ence: Trader" – "Mebestian Ence" – "Mebastien's Key"


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