"I'll tell you what, don't trust them Ashlanders. They all worship some dead crab! Swear to Vivec it's true, heard it from a very reliable source. Now, what can I help you with today?"
―Medyn Hleran[src]

Medyn Hleran is a Dunmer caravaner residing in the Caravaner Tower in Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell. He offers travel to Gnisis and Suran.


Where can your silt strider take me? "We travel to Gnisis and Suran. And we know the paths that avoid the worst of the lava flows. Would you care for a ride?"

I'd like to go to Gnisis.
I'd like to go to Suran.


  • "All them fancy families in Vvardenfell are always talking to the dead. I tell you, it's all smoke and mirrors! Just trying to put on airs to make themselves look better than the rest of us. Well, enough of that. Where can I take you?"
  • "Heard about an egg mine with singing kwama in it. They're so good the miners can't even work! They just keep clapping! Imagine that. Do you need something?"