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Shacksicon Meeko's Shack
TESV Meeko's Shack
Meekos shack
Hold Hjaalmarch
Location South of the Solitude Sawmill
Type Shack
Characters Meeko
A deceased Nord
Enemies None

Meeko's Shack is a small dwelling in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This shack is home to the canine follower Meeko, and is found east of Dragon Bridge and south of Solitude Sawmill.


Inside the shack, a deceased Nord is lying on a bed. At the end of the bed is a table with various items on it. Such items include a lantern, bread, and most notably a journal. Reading this one page journal explains that the owner died of Rockjoint, and it mentions Meeko.


Meeko can be found roaming around areas near the shack. If he finds the Dragonborn, he will bark and lead to his master's shack. Once there, Meeko will whine over the loss of his master. Here the dog can be made a follower. He will whine if the Dragonborn tells Meeko to go back to the shack.

Notable itemsEdit



  • If Meeko becomes a follower and the Dragonborn returns to the shack after some time, the dead Nord and his bed will have disappeared.
  • If the dead Nord is reanimated using an ordinary spell or a staff, he will not turn to ash, as though one had used Dead Thrall.


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