"I don't want to go back. No, no, I can't go back. You can't make me go back!"

Mehdbeq is a Redguard located at Bal Fell on Vvardenfell.


A Web Of TroublesEdit

Mehdbeq, part of the Mages Guild hired help of Claurrise Laurent, was found by the Vestige at Bal Fell in an attempt to rescue him and his companions.


Calm down. Are you one of the mages working for Lady Laurent? "The overbearing Breton? She's working with the spiders, isn't she? She knew! She knew the spiders would take my friends. She knew they would them dance. I had to run, you see, I had to! I don't want to dance! I don't know how!"

Spiders took the other mages? "Spiders, yes! Please, you have to rescue them! The spiders make them dance, but nobody can dance forever. I'd go back, but I can't. I don't dance, you understand? I won't dance! Why do the spiders want us to dance, anyway? It makes no sense!"
Do you know a man named Stibbons? Have you seen him? "Stibbons? He's in league with the spiders! Why else don't they force him to dance? He went to join his spider masters, but he dropped his spice pouch over there. Oh no! Do you think it's full of spiders? What should I do? What should I do?"
Stay here. I'll examine Stibbons's spice pouch and see if I can pick up his trail.


  • "Keep away from me! I won't let you turn me over to the spiders! No, no, I'm not going to dance for those... things!" —During "A Web of Troubles"
  • "That was terrifying. I never want to see another spider again. Perhaps I'll take some dance lessons, though. Just in case." —At the end of "A Web Of Troubles"
  • "Poor Stibbons. I suppose we'll get blamed for this, too. I really hate working for that nasty Breton woman." —After "A Web Of Troubles"


  • His dialogue about spiders and dancing is a Harry Potter reference.