Mehra Milo is a Dunmer priest of the Tribunal Temple, an intercessor between Almsivi and their worshippers, caretaker of the temple and shrines, and councilor and educator for the faithful and laymen. Initially, she can be found in the library of the Temple.


Vivec InformantsEdit

After receiving the Sixth House Relatory from Sharn gra-Muzgob in the previous quest, the Spymaster says that three persons in Vivec City have information about the Sixth House, the Nerevarine Prophecies and the Nerevarine Cult.

Mehra Milo and the Lost PropheciesEdit

The Nerevarine must return to Caius Cosades after they have been cured of Corprus, whom reveals that he is being recalled to Imperial City in Cyrodiil. He gives the Nerevarine his last orders, which involve finding Mehra Milo in Vivec. Caius fears that something could have gone wrong, and indeed when the Nerevarine arrives, she has been imprisoned in the Ministry of Truth and must be freed.


Initially, Mehra Milo resides in the Library of Vivec. During the progress of the main quest, she gets imprisoned inside the Ministry of Truth. After the Nerevarine has freed her, she henceforward stays inside Holamayan Monastery.