"My dear, you shouldn't trust rumors. They can get you into a horrible trouble."

Melisande quote

Melisande is a Breton Glenmoril witch[1] that lives off the Corbolo River, south of Cheydinhal. She assists the Hero with the quest "Vampire Cure" after they help her find five Grand Soul Gems. She is a Glenmoril Coven retiree.


Vampire CureEdit

In order to find the cure the Hero needs to speak to Raminus Polus first, who directs them to Count Janus Hassildor in Skingrad. He will direct the Hero to Melisande for further help.


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  •  360   PS3   Sometimes she does not recognize that they have Bloodgrass in the inventory during the quest "Cure For Vampirism," thereby completely halting the progress through said quest.
  •  PC   PS3   Entering her house in any moment in time may count as trespassing.



  1. Dialogue with Janus Hassildor